Love in the Details

Love isn’t always easy to see or find in our daily lives. Sometimes it is all around us and other times we hope and pray for a glimpse of love. It is always in the eyes of my puppy when I return home from work and usually I can find it in the eyes of my husband and daughter.

Love can be found in the details of life especially when we live intentionally. Search for it in the often overlooked details of our daily grind. We don’t always realize how the smallest of act of kindness can make an impact in the lives of others. That is, until we experience it first hand.

Love Inspired Details will hopefully encourage us all to share love and look for it as well in the details of everything we do. We all know life gets frustrating, complicated and all together very overwhelming at times. Sometimes we just have to force ourselves to look a little deeper and add a little love to the stitches of the lives of those around us.



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