Diary Of A Foster Mom #2


Journal Entry #2

As I sit here and write during nap time I can sigh with a sense of relief. A sense that prayer, love, patience and time can really work wonders.
Recently, our family has been going thru a major adjustment period. Everyone trying to abide by a new schedule, a new little addition running the flow of our family.

The last month I feel like my heart has been on a roller coaster ride of emotion. This what you go through classes for, to prepare you for the ride. But we all know getting trained for something and personally going through it can feel very different.
Without a doubt the best tip I would offer to someone is… allowance! There’s freedom in allowing yourself to feel your feelings. Maybe it sounds simple or silly but I often try to talk myself out of certain feelings. And in the end, it doesn’t really help.

There were days that I could feel each minute, you know that feeling when you just want to hit fast forward through the screaming or the battle of wills. Then there were days when time went by too quickly, and I felt like I didn’t get to give enough kisses and snuggles. Or too many new cute things happened too fast and none were on video!!

The sleepless nights, the crying, the ‘I don’t know how long this bonding thing is going to take’- it all comes together in a moment. A minute in time when you can sit down and see the fruits of your labor. When you can marvel across the room at the leaps and bounds this child has made in a small amount of time. The belly laugh you can’t control when he’s expressing his own sense of humor. When he smiles as you enter the room, or his face lights up when you’re laughing, and when his arms stretch out for you to hold him. These may be little things in this great big world but they are big things in our little world 🙂

Progress, time, commitment. Words I don’t really like to hear to be honest with you. Or really the “impatient” side of me doesn’t like to hear. Let’s be real, the good things, the sweet and savory remember forever- build your life around kinda things, people and moments all require the above 3 words- right?!

So here’s to reminding myself that patience and prayer are the best way to start and end each day.


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